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Understanding when to work fast and when to work slowly can be difficult to calibrate in art.  Perhaps you are a perfectionist who will work on something for a long period of time before calling it quits on a painting or maybe you are more inclined to do short quick studies who has a hard time pushing their work forward  This class will be focusing on the specific reasons why short studies lead to accelerated growth in ones work.  Through repetition students will develop a fluency with their materials and a recognition of when to use the most crucial visual approaches.   During this class students will have the opportunity to see me, the instructor demo the process of how to work on quick studies and what process I am following in order to capture the most essential elements and principle in the shortest period of time. Between sessions students will be asked to do at least two-three short studies on their own.  For critique students can send in images of work for a digital draw over and critique.  This class will be capped at 12 students.  If you have any questions about the class feel free to contact me.

Painting with Momentum

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