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   There are some books you read once and maybe you really enjoy them and then there are the books you keep coming back to. Every Tool's a Hammer by Adam Savage is just that book. I read this book a while ago and it has been a book that I continue to come back to for all the nuggets of wisdom it has to share..  


   There is so much to say about this book it's hard to know where to start.  First of all this book may be suited for my personality. When I say my personality I mean the kind of person who loves to wonder how something is done and wants to try and do it themselves, only to figure out the project was way more of an undertaking than expected.  Adam Savage is the creator of Myth Busters and is also well known special effects designer for movies such as Star Wars, Space Cowboys, The Matrix Revolutions, just to name a few.  

   How does this relate to painting you are probably thinking.  I was not sure if I was going to like this book either when I first picked it up but immediately I was drawn in by this jack of all trades, by his honest voice and enthusiasm for creating and perfecting the obscure.  He is so honest about his failures and does superb job of mapping out how he problem solves.  His honestly and willingness to share his process gives the reader a gift of understanding how to go about something unknown.  Now painting, hopefully for most, its a daily practice and not an unknown but my takeaway from his book is to slow down, think about my process and if it is right one and to understand that the first painting will be one of many to get to the best possible work.  


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